The Clow Cards story:

One day when a girl named Sakura Kinomoto was in her father's library, she found a mysterious book called the Clow. It is a book that used to contain "Clow Cards" but something had happened when the watchdog (Cerberus) fell asleep and now the Clow Cards are scattered, causing trouble everywhere.

Cerberus quickly appoints Sakura as new Card Captor and gives her a little key that whenever she says 'Release!' will grow to staff size. And so, with the help of Kero-chan (aka Cerberus) and the encouragment of her best friend Tomoyo, Sakura will capture those cards in no time! However, things get more complicated when a rival appears, intent on capturing the Clow Cards too? His name is none other than Syaoran Li, a chinese boy from the Li Clan and desecdant from Clow Reed the creator of the Clow Cards!

However as it turns out, Syaoran eventully helps Sakura in her quest. And closer and closer Sakura finds her way to each and every card...

When she had finally captured all of the Clow Cards, Yue appeared. He was a Judge Maker and it was his duty to give Sakura a Judgement to see if she was suitable to be the Mistress of the Clow Cards. Sakura had no choice but to take the test. However, if she failed then all of Sakura's favorite people and anyone involved with the Clow Cards will disappear from her memory...! Luckily Sakura passed, with the help of Mitsuki Kaho. At last, everything was normal again. Or was it?