Sakura Cards Story:

The Clow Cards have all been caught, and life is peaceful. Or is it?

There is a new student in Sakura's class and his name is Eriol Hiiragazawa. He seems to be a very nice person and says that he was from England. But there's something strange about him... seemingly something like many secrets hiding beneath that smiling face... (ummm... that didn't make much sense did it? ^^;)

And in Tooya's class, another new transfer student has appeared. However, this time, it's a girl named Nakuru Akizuki. She has a very annoying personality, and it looks she has a crush on poor Tooya. ^_^

As it turns out, Eriol and Nakuru are no ordinary people. In fact, Nakuru is an 'it', because Nakuru has no gender at all. It may look like a girl but don't be fooled! ^^;; Nakuru's true form is Ruby Moon, the equivilant of Yue. There is also another being, Spinel Sun (aka: Suppi) that is also just like Kero-chan. And what about Eriol? Well.....

Lately, some unknown force has been causing trouble all over Japan. From giant teddy bears to little sheep underground, all kinds of trouble! It's up to Sakura-tachi to save the day, which is no problem since Sakura has been getting stronger and stronger because she has her Sakura Cards, powered up versions of the Clow Cards to help her! Nothing to fear!

Surprise, surprise! Eriol is found out to be Clow Reed and... Sakura's father too? (I'll explain this part later when I have the time...)

But that's not all of the troubles. Nope! Things just start to get interesting! For one thing, poor Yukito has not been feeling too well lately, and he has been starting to disapear?! Uh oh... Lucky for Yukito, Touya was willing to give up his power and transfer it to him. What a great guy. ^_^ And... also... it seems that there's some romance cooking up! Heh heh, as it turns out, Syaoran has finally fallen for Sakura!! And after being thwarted many times by trying to tell her his true feelings, when he does tell Sakura that he loves her, Syaoran gets a call from his mom and is going back to Hong Kong!

Major Spoiler! The Finale!!

Knowing that Syaoran-kun will be going home soon, Sakura puts all of her heart into the present that she will give to him before he leaves.... and on the day of his departure, Sakura presents him with a teddy bear with wings.... and tells Syaoran that the person that she likes is HIM! Syaoran promises Sakura that he'll return soon...

Years pass by, Sakura is all grown up. While on her way to school, she meets up with someone holding a very familar looking teddy bear... and it turns out.... Syaoran has returned to Japan!! He tells her that everything is finished, and Sakura hugs him happy knowing that they will be together forever.

The End

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