CCS and other Anime Series Look-A-Likes!!


Look! They both have brown hair!! And um... hardly ever smile? ^_^;
--Heero from Gundam Wing--
Heero Yuy [Gundam Wing]

M-masaka (impossible)!!
Betcha saw this one coming didn't ya? Don't you think that Mei-ling's design looks suspiously a lot like Usagi's??!! Hmm!
Usagi [Sailor Moon]

Sakura Hah?? Hey, these two both have short hair and pigtails!! And plus their hairstyles and hair ornaments look a bit too similar!!
Yuiko [Gokigen Nemuri Hime]
Thanks to for spotting this look-a-like!!! and also Sunflower for giving me Yuiko's pic! :)


Eagle [Magic Knight Rayearth]

Haruka [Sailor Moon]
Hey, Yukito and Haruka have some very similar hair, Eagle and Yukito both have cheery personalities and they all have Megumi Oogata as their seiyuu!!

Arrigato Bec and Umi for finding this look-a-like!!!


Chichiri [Fushigi Yuugi]

Mokona [Magic Knight Rayearth]

Aiiee! All three have very similar eyes (they hardly open their eyes most of the time :), are the smiling type, and.... doesn't Yamazaki look a little bit like Chichiri? ^^;

Thanks Nina for telling me 'bout these three! ^_^



both are good at martial arts, are Chinese, have the same dark/violet hair and have odangos like Usagi! Wow... need I say more? ^_^  

Shampoo [Ranma 1/2]

Arrigato Leo-chan! I would have never thought about these two look-alikes if not for you! :P



These two guys both have dark hair, love to pester certain girls, and are pretty mysterious don't you think? ^^;; They kinda look alike... kinda. :P

Mamoru [Sailor Moon]

Thanks R_Placido



"The anime version of Kinomoto Touya looks similar to Hidaka Ken from Weiß Kreuz.  If you look for pics though, they won't look similar ALL the time though.  ^^;;;  Anyway, I just thought it was kinda strange and neat, so I should tell you!" 

from Yi Lei! I think you're right!

Hidaka Ken [Weiss Kruez]

ken's image is from



Silver hair, and both are bishounen to boot! Need more be said?? ^_^


Kurama [Yu Yu Hakusho]

Thanks Jay!