A N I M A T E D G I F s

Here are some animated gifs that I've created. They're scenes from the anime. The screen captures were taken from this japanese page. Sorry, some of them aren't that good. Hey! I tried!! Oh well...

::clumsak.GIF:: 24.6Kb

::tomoyo01.GIF:: 38.6kb

::wierdmeirin.GIF:: 42.0kb
::wierd_meirin_big.GIF:: 242kb - bigger version

::sak_smiles.GIF:: 52.7kb

::sak_syao.GIF:: 190kb

::kiss.GIF:: 196kb

::cry.GIF:: 35.0kb

::haa.GIF:: 36.8

::heee.GIF:: 44.6 kb

::oh.GIF:: 42.3 kb

::t_smile01.GIF:: 37.7kb

Here are some animated gifs from Bethany Martin. They are much much more better than my pathetic attempts! ^^;;

clowbook.GIF:: 86kb

::sakcard.GIF:: 52kb

::sakschool.GIF:: 32kb

::sing.GIF:: 42kb

::sakskate.GIF:: 18kb