A W A R D S !

Kawaii seal of Approval for a cute page
Waaaaaiiiiiii!!!! My first award!! *cries with happiness* Thaaaaaaank yooooooouuuuuu SO much Linda and all of my visiters for giving me an award!!!!!!! ^______^
A Syaoran and Sakura award!
Hyahhhh!! A second award! ^_____^ Makes me sooooo happy!! :P Arrigato Piggy Ho Ho!!
Viewer's Choice award!
Ah! Another award! Makes me feel that at least someone out there appreciates my hard work. ^_^;; Thank you Linda!! :-)
CCLE's August pick
Wai, wai, WAI!!!! I can't believe it!! CCS: Cute n Sweet was actually picked as CCLE's August pick!! Omigosh!! ^___^