Sakura's Many Hair Styles!

Besides having tons of outfits to wear, Sakura also has lot's of hairstyles After all ya gotta match!

This is Sakura with two pigtails tied up. She seems to wear this style the most. But there are serveral variations to this one. Flowers, barrettes,ribbons, etc are used to add more variety.

Sakura with a ponytail. For this, she gathers all of her hair, (execpt for her bangs) and ties it with a ribbon, etc. Kawaii ne?

Sometimes Sakura just likes to have her hair down. No hairclips or pigtails.

Or she'll have a hat on. Course the hat would cover most of her hair, so what's the use of having pigtails? Although her pigtails may be hidden underneath the hat, which would be her school hat.

Maybe even a hairband. Simple as that!!

But even without all those combinations, Sakura is just as kawaii as ever!!