Syaoran Li:

His Stats

AKA: Li-kun, Syaoran-kun

Hair Color: Light brown

Eye Color: Brown or should I say Amber? ;)

Birthday: July 13

Blood Type: O

Favorite Subjects: Math, P.E.

Least Favorite Subject: Japanese

Clubs: none

Favorite color: Green

Favorite Food: Dim Sum (yum!), Chocolate (even yummier!! =)

Hates to Eat: Konnyaku

Best Recipe: Nothing
Doesn't Syaoran look a bit girly?? ^^;

Syaoran is a very shy boy from Hong Kong. He doesn't like to talk much, and isn't hyper-active like your normal 10-year boy. Then again normal 10-year-olds don't run around the night, carrying swords, and casting magic spells…. ^_^

Back home in Hong Kong, Syaoran has 4 sisters and a mother. He and the Li clan are descendants of CLOW REED's mother's side. His symbol is the moon.

Syaoran had came to Japan looking for the CLOW CARDS. At first, he seemed to be very mean, as he had demanded that Sakura Kinomoto hand the CLOW CARDS over to him. Of course he never got them… In the end, he helped Sakura in her quest to capture the scattered CLOW CARDS.

After all of the cards had been captured by Sakura, Syaoran was ready to go back to Hong Kong. But that was before the arrival of Eriol, a certain transfer student from England. Then Syaoran immediately made up his mind to stay back in Japan!

Syaoran in the beginning, had a crush on Yukito, who also was liked by Sakura. It always was a race between the two, whenever Yukito was involved. (*_*) Later, Syaoran started to like Sakura more and more… and had almost told her that he liked her…

Syaoran also has a tendency to blush a lot (especially when Sakura's there ;). And unlike Sakura, he doesn't smile much, preferring to glare more ^^;;

Suika:*screams* Syaoran!!! Waiii he's sooooo kawaii!! Kawaii!! Kawaii!!! Kawaii!!! Kawaii!!!! o^_^o Is it just me, or does he look a bit girly?? Well??? ^^;