A Name and the many ways to spell it.

Let me count the ways to spell this poor boy's name: Syaoran, Shaoran, Shaolan, Xiao-lang, and Xiao-ran. @_@

In the manga the furigana read as: SHI YA O RA N, which would be Shaoran. SO why is the official spelling 'Syaoran'? *shrugs* I dunno ^_^;; However if you ignore the "hi" in "Shi" You would get "Syaoran" or someting like that... ^_^;;

Xiao-lang/Xiao-ran is the Cantonese version of Syaoran's name. As for Madarin and the other dialects, I have NO IDEA what they are. Anyone out there wanna tell me?

Also, in the manga, Syaoran's last name is read as 'Ri' but the correct spelling would be "Li". The reason why is because the Japanese don't have an "L" in their syllables. But when romanized "Ri" is translated as "Li". However, sometimes the "R" in Japanese sounds like a "L".

Overall, Syaoran means "little wolf". ^_^