Card Captor Sakura

Hidden Within the Heart
by Hikaru-chan

Chapter 1
. . . . . . . . . . . .

"Moshi moshi! May I speak to Sakura-chan please?"

Fujisata's voice lowered into a worried type voice, "Tomoyo-san? Thank goodness you called. Sakura-san lapsed back into her depressed mood again. I think it's..... you know who, again...."

Tomoyo sighed, "I see."

"I'll go get her okay?"

Tomoyo's voice ringed with happiness again, "Hai! Domo!"

* * * * * * *

Sakura looked up at the bright sky. It was so wonderful. So full of happiness and joy. . . . .

A joy she once had. . . . . .

"Ano.... Sakura? Who's your type of man?"

"Saukra? Do you still like Yukito-san?"

"Sakura.....what if I were to tell you I know someone who likes you....NO! IT'S NOT ME!"

"Sakura! Abunai!!


Saukra tightly closed her eyes. Stop it Sakura, you can't think of someone who is dead. Just stop, you're only making yourself miserable! Her father had given that speech to her too many times already. She didn't care if he was dead, she could still think of him couldn't she? Couldn't she?!

Get a grip Sakura, you're losing it again . . . . .

I know I am. . . . I just keep thinking of-

"Sakura-san!" Fujisata's voice rang through Sakura's room.

Sakura looked up at her door, trying her best to make a cheerful face, "Hai, `too-san? What is it?"

"Tomoyo-san is on the phone for you!"

"Hai!" Sakura got up from her desk and opened her door. "I'll be right there!" Fujisata nodded and walked off to the phone to deliver the message. Sakura looked back into her room, Just forget him.....

* * * * * * *

"Hai! Tomoyo?"

"Arei! Sakura-chan! How are you??"

"Ano.... Tomoyo, please don't call me that anymore. I mean, we're practically in high school now. We're too old to be calling each other -chan!"

"Sakura-cha, ano, Sakura, that's just the reason I called. I got my letter back, the one requesting about Kobai High School. Did you get yours??"


"Did you open it??"

Sakura smiled, "Nope! I was waiting for your call, just like we promised!"

The cheer came back to Tomoyo's voice, "Good! So did I!! Shall we open them now? I can't wait any longer to find out if we are going to high school together!"

"Yes!" Sakura excitedly said, "Yes! Let's open them over the phone!!"

The sounds of opening letters came from Tomoyo's side of the phone as Sakura ripped open her letter. Her eyes quickly scanned the letter as she searched for the simple answer to her request. A yes or a no.

A cheer came from Tomoyo's side of the letter, "Wai! Sakura I was accepted! How about you?!"

"I can't find the answer...." Sakura's voice filled with worry.

"Let's see, it's right after the third paragraph, just read it out loud, and I help you find it."

Sakura cleared her throat, "Kinomoto Sakura, our board was very impressed by your grades, especially on your final exam. But, we hate to inform you that you have been denied your request, due to lack of space in the school. We have sent your record to our sister school, Seijou High. Seijou High is willing to except you, and will be contacting you soon." Sakura felt like she was about to cry, "So this means that we're going to different high schools?"

Tomoyo's voice lowered, "I guess it does... Still you're going to a great school! I mean, it is the same school your brother went to. And isn't-

Sakura interrupted, "Yes, Yukito-niisan teaches there. I know..."

"You're still upset about that?"

Sakura shook her head, "No! Nii-san is happy, and that's all I want for him! Besides, Yukito-niisan is now part of my family!" Sakura giggled, "What else could I ask for??"

On her end of the line, Tomoyo smiled, "I guess nothing."

"Don't worry about the high school thing Tomoyo. We'll still see each other right? Speaking of which, do you want to go do something tonight??"

"Ano...." Tomoyo stumbled on her words, "I...umm....I can't Sakura..."

"You got a date with Kenji again tonight?"

Tomoyo stayed silent.

"That's okay Tomoyo...."

"Sakura, I'm sorry...I.."

Click. The line went dead. Tomoyo hung up the phone and stared down at it, "Sakura...."

* * * * * * *

Fujisata smiled as he walked in the room, cleaning a plate, "So you and Tomoyo going for a girl's night out??"

Sakura, looking down at the floor, shook her head no. "She's busy." She flatly replied.

Fujiata blinked, "Sou ka. I thought that's why she called. No matter. We can have a father-daughter night, ne?"

Sakura walked over to the door, taking her light coat off the hanger and putting her shoes on. "I'll pass on that tonight `too-san. I'm just gonna go get some fresh air." Sakura slid open the door, and slid it shut quietly. She then proceeded to walk west. Just like she did, every day....

Fujisata looked at the closed door and frowned. She's going there again. I know it. Oh Sakura, why can't you just let him go? He then turned and walked back into the kitchen, passing a picture of his wife.

* * * * * * *

The trees at night, were so nostalgic. Somehow they calmed her, just like they always had. Seijou High, huh? She had expected as much. That whole letter was crap, and Sakura knew it. Tomoyo had gotten a whole 20 more points then her on their high school exam. Just that little amount, 20 points, denied her into going to the same high school as her best friend. Or at least... Tomoyo used to be her best friend. It wasn't as if she didn't care for her as much, far from it, but Tomoyo was slowly sliding away from her. Everyone was. A store Sakura passed by had a mirror in the window. She paused and looked at her reflection.

Wow... have I changed that much since then?

Her hair, more brown then ever, was down to the middle of her back, but she wore it in a loose braid, just like her mother often did. Her eyes, they had grown up now too. They weren't as bright as they used to be, but then again, she wasn't as cheerful as she used to be. Sakura faced back towards the street and continued to walk.

Minutes pasted, and minutes turned into hours of Sakura roaming the streets, just looking around and observing her surroundings. When finally she came to it. The place she had been looking for.

A very small smile crept on Sakura's face. Wow... there are still some marks here. She kneeled down to the sidewalk. The sidewalk had been recently re-paved, but in Sakura's eyes she could still see the spot. The spot where...

Why did I come here? I'm just going to break down and cry again. This was a stupid idea. I should be in my comfy room, listening to music, just like a normal girl my age would. But then again, who ever said I was normal.

Sakura squinted hard at the sidewalk. Yes, she was sure of it now. She could now see the exact spot where he had landed. Right where his blood..

Stop thinking about it Sakura! It wasn't you're fault.

But she knew it in her heart, that it was her fault. He was dead because of me. Because of my stupid mistake. Sakura slammed her hand hard into the pavement, ignoring the stinging sensation that she got from it. "Why? Why did God take you away from me, right when I realized how I felt?!?"

A tear hit the pavement, making it sparkle in the moonlight. "Li-kun...." Sakura collapsed on the sidewalk and began to cry fully. Oh Gods did she miss him. His smile, his voice, just everything about him...

* * * * * * *

Yukito was driving his 1999 mustang down the road, listing to Chihiro. His eyes wandered around the road. Something is wrong.... Suddenly, Sakura appeared in the corner of his eye. Yes! It was Sakura, why was she laying on the sidewalk?! Yukito pressed hard down on the breaks and turned off the engine. He walked over to Sakura and put his hand on her back, "Sakura-chan?"

Sakura looked up. Her face was covered in tears, "Yukito-nii-san?" Her eyes widened, as her thoughts turned to Syaoran's funeral. And she over heard her brother and Yukito talking about him, then comforting her, and then leaving her alone again. Everyone had left her alone. Sakura grabbed tightly onto Yukito, "Yukito... Li-kun...he's.."

Yukito paused, as his brain that Sakura was hugging him. Oh no, she didn't. Yukito looked around and frowned. She came back here. Even after they repave the sidewalk, hiding his blood, she still breaks down. Poor Sakura. Yukito wrapped his arms around Sakura, "Daijobu Sakura, I'm here. Come on," He stood up with Sakura still in his arms, forcing her to stand up to. "You should get out of here."

Sakura nodded. Her body was like a rag doll as Yukito helped her into the car.

* * * * * * *

Two sets of eyes watched the mustang leave with Sakura in it.

"I feel sorry for her."

"Why's that?"

"Cuz, she'z gonna have to start concentrating on the thing she least wants to do right now."

"And what is that?"

"Her destiny as a Card Captor."

The taller figure looked down at the smaller figure. "Is everything in place?"

"Hai. We'll make contact within the next two hours."

. . . . . . . . . . . .


  • Moshi moshi - A type of hello for the telephone

  • Hai - Yes

  • Domo - Thanks

  • `too-chan - father

  • Ano - um... (literally, that's what it means! ^^`)

  • Abunai - Look Out!

  • Arei - Oh my, Ah!, etc. etc.

  • Yukito-nissan - Brother Yukito

  • Nii-san - Older Brother

  • Daijobu - Don't worry
. . . . . . . . . . . .

Author's Notes:

So what do you think?? I know, I know, it's offal dark. ^^` I know it is, and I do love the cuteness off CCS, but I decided to make this story a bit dark, because it's easier for be to write (don't ask me why....). Anywho, I would love to hear your comments and suggestions and such ^_^ I love getting letters about my stories, it makes me feel important *lol*.

Preview of the Next:

NANI?! Kero-chan is back?!?! But I thought he left after we captured the last set of cards, after Li-kun. . .

Demo, demo, who's that with you Kero-chan?! Masaka...

Next Time on Card Captor Sakura: Hidden Within the Heart, Reunions.

Reunions: Due in February!

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