Card Captor Sakura

Hidden Within the Heart
by Hikaru-chan

Chapter 3
. . . . . . . . . . . .

Two shadowy eyes looked upon Sakura and the others as they left the clearing in the woods. Unbeliveable, they actually got Shujin to her original form. This will not help our plans to comfort her. The mouth of the creature now appeared beneath it, snarling. We must proceed to our back-up plan.

* * * * * * *

"EHHHHH?!?" Sakura backed up a few steps, away from Tomoyo and Kero-chan. "What do you mean it's all my fault?!"

Tomoyo looked to the ground, a serious expression on her face, "Sakura, your depression is the cause of all this."

Sakura blinked, "That's got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! I can't be causing this."

"But you are," Kero-chan said as he floated over to Sakura, "Because your heart as given up on being a Card Captor, because you no longer desire to be a card captor, your cards have released themselves and have begun to attack again."

Sakura stood silent.

"Kero-chan and I thought it would be best that you not begin Card Captoring again, so I volunteered myself. It appears that I have some magical powers myself."

"She doesn't have much," Kero-chan added. "But she has a bit."

A kind smile appeared on Tomoyo's face, "I was trying to protect you, that is what friends are for."

"That still doesn't explain how the Li that brought me here." Sakura closed her eyes, Li isn't alive Sakura, it's time to let him go.

Kero turned to Sakura, "Eh? Li? But he's dead."

"Right.." Sakura nodded slowly and replied quietly.

"But still Sakura," Tomoyo clapped her hands together and put them against her cheek. "You're a Card Captor again, and things can be the way they used to! Aren't you happy?"

"HAPPY?!?" Sakura's knees sunk to the ground as tears began to form in her eyes, "I though... I thought... that.. Tomoyo, I thought you were gonna leave me... like Li.."

Tomoyo frowned, "Gomen ne Sakura. I thought you were ready to take your mind off of Li. I wanted things to be how they were before Li-san left us."

Sakura looked at the ground, "Just go away."



A tear went down Tomoyo's cheek as she nodded, "Come on Kero-chan."

Kero-chan blinked, "Nani? I thought I would stay with Sakura nya."

Tomoyo began to make her way out of the forest, "I don't think Sakura wants to see either of us right now. Oyasumi nasai Sakura." Tomoyo replied as she and Kero-chan walked off into the bushes.

Sakura banged her fist hard on the ground. "Ukso! Ukso!" She looked up and sniffed. "I shouldn't have been so hard on Tomoyo... but, I was just so worried about her."

Sakura shook her head and leaned on the tree behind her as she stared at the stars. "Li-kun. . . are you watching down on me like mother is?" Sakura held the baton in her hands, as it shifted back into it's small form "Is it you who reminded me to keep this stupid baton and not throw it away when you died?" She moaned as she closed her eyes tightly, "I don't want to be a Card Captor again. I can't.

"There's too many memories of you. Too many sad memories. Too many chances the two of us had to tell each other how we really felt. And I.. I never took them..." More tears came down Sakura's cheek, as she buried her face in between her legs. "I don't want these memories!"

Suddenly there was a wrestling behind a nearby bush. Sakura quickly jerked her head toward the noise. "Dare da?!" Feet began to clear out of the bush, followed by a body. Sakura slowly panned up the stranger, but he was no stranger. It was...

His eyes, his lips, his hair, he had not changed. In front of her stood Syaoran Li, how he would be if he were still alive. But that was impossible! Sakura felt tears form in her eyes as she pushed herself off the ground. "L-Li-kun..."

Li's eyes widened. "How do you know me? I know not who you are."

"Nanda?" Sakura took a step back.

His sword sung as Li un-seethed it. "Tell me who you are, and how you can capture CLOW cards." The sword then swung to Sakura's neck.

Sakura swallowed hard. "Li-kun, you don't remember me? It's me Sakura!"

"Sakura?" Li said in a quizzically tone. "I know no Sakura."

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Dictonary -

  • Shujin - Master

  • Gomen ne - I'm sorry

  • Nani - What?

  • Oyasumi nasai - Good night

  • Ukso - Damn/Damnit (sometimes even translated WRONGLY as shit)

  • Dare da - Who's There?

  • Nanda - What the-
. . . . . . . . . . . .

Author's Notes:

Ah! Short chapter, I know :D I'm a hamm aren't I? I got a good cliffhanger this time around; >_< don't kill me, I'll have the next chapter up shortly! Sorry I had to change the plot a little, I just thought the whole idea of Tomoyo tricking Sakura and using Sakura's CLOW was a LITTLE extravagant. The new way that I wrote can explain somethings that happen in the future, and also shows Tomoyo to be a true friend. This was the original way I wanted the story to go, but then I had the baka idea of changing it >_<

Preivew of the Next:

Why doesn't Li Remember me? Eh Kero-chan?! Is he the ILLUSION card that escaped?!

But who is this mysterious shadow that keeps following me?

AHH! Li!! Your reflection!!

Next Time on Card Captor Sakura: Hidden Within the Heart, Secrets.

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