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(the continued story of the 'Love at Many Sights?')

"Syaoran..." Sakura said softly, barely above whisper.

"What do you think you're doing just now?!," Syaoran said.

"I didn't know that it is you.," Sakura replied.

"Well, now you know, will you stop squirming?," Syaoran asked.

Sakura stopped but she starts to blush. <Kami-sama, he's holding me>
Li-kun, noticed the blush creeping from Sakura's neck to her face and he noticed what made her do it.

<Nani?! I'm holding her!> he realized, then he dropped his hand as if he was burned.

He too, reddened, remembering his promise to himself to avoid Sakura no matter what.

"Ummm..." he stammered, "I-uh.. I need to apologize, for-,"

But before he could finish his sentence, Sakura made a reply.

"I know, you didn't mean that.. well, I gotta go.. It's getting dark and my brother must be frantic because his little kaijuu sister is not home yet..," Then she laughed.

Syaoran noticed the way her eyes sparkle while she laughed. <she really is beautiful> he thought.

"Anyway, I need to go now, Ja ne!," Sakura turned to go and started to walk by the sidewalk.

"Matte!," Li-kun said, and before he could stop himself.. "May I walk you home?" he asked.

A mask of surprise and delight spread at Sakura's face.. a complete reflection of his own face. He don't know why.

<why am I doing this?> he thought.

"OK.. ikimashoo," Sakura said, breaking through Syaoran's thoughts.

They walked in silence for a few minutes then Li-kun broke it.

"Maybe I should apologize to Tomoyo-chan.," he said eyeing Sakura on the corner of his eye.

"Iie..Okamai naku.. She'll understand..," Sakura gave him a smile.

Syaoran seemed transfixed by that one smile.. <Oh, no.. if I keep acting like this, sooner or later she'll know it.> He turned his head on the opposite direction avoiding Sakura's face.

"You know what?," Sakura said suddenly.

"Nan desu ka?," Li-kun asked.

"I've noticed something..," Sakura said,

"Nani?," Syaoran asked, sweating. <please don't let it be about me>

"I've noticed that.. Meirin likes you.," she said, indifferently.

"Nani?! what made you say that!," he snapped..

"Did you forget that I'm a girl.. geezz.. I know the glint in a girl's eyes when she likes someone.," she said coolly.

"Meirin likes..," he couldn't bring himself just to say the whole sentence. <I should have noticed>

"Well, it's no big deal..," she said as-a-matter-of-fact.

<She likes me> Syaoran thought.. <but do I like her? no! I like Sa->

"Well, here we are.. ja ne, Li-kun, Arigatou gozaimasu.," she said breaking through Syaoran's thick skull.

"ja ne," he said almost whispering out the words.


"Kaijuu! what happened huh? do you know what time is it?," Touya-kun, Sakura's older brother asked..

"Nothing.. just walked slowly by the sidewalk..," Sakura replied.

"only walking by the sidewalk? and why is that Syaoran boy here?," Touya asked already suspicious.

"He walked me home.," She said without looking at his brother.

"I thought you hate him.," Touya pressed.

"Nobody said that I hated him," She answered again.

Touya snorted. "I don't know what's happening between you two, but there's definetely something." Touya concluded.

"ok.. I know.. can I go to my room now?," She said looking at her brother directly in his eyes.

"OK." Touya said, giving up.


Sakura went upstairs, opened her door and slammed on her bed. waking Kero-chan.

"Konban wa," Kero-chan greeted.

"Konban wa," Sakura said returning Kero-chan's greeting.

"You seemed tired.," Kero-chan observed.

"Yeah, the cheering practice today was a mess," she said.

"So, could you tell me what happened?," Kero-chan asked politely.

"Yeah, but some other time.. ok?," Sakura said closing her eyes.

"OK. Goodnight, Sakura-chan.," Kero-chan said as he turn-off the lights and went back to sleep.


The alarm clock rang... with a loud noise.

Sakura almost jump off her bed.

"Hoe!" She gasped.

She groaned. "Another tiresome morning.. it felt as if I've only slept."

She softly and quietly prepared herself for school, afraid that he might wake kero-chan.

After dressing and combing her shoulder-length auburn hair, she went downstairs.

"Konnichiwa minna!" She said cheerfully.

Touya looked at her, skeptical.

"Now I'm sure something's going on.," he said.

"What made you say that," Sakura asked his brother, while eating a plate of pancakes.

"You're up early today, I bet it has something to do with that Syaoran boy. I wonder what happened." he said loudly.

Her father heard all the exchange and asked, "Hey, darling, who's this Syaoran boy, your brother talks about?"

"He's just my classmate." Sakura said wrinkling her nose.

"ok..," her father said.

"Kaijuu, if that boy do something bad to you, just tell me, ok?" Touya said.

"OK. Older Kaijuu..." she giggled, "bye dad!" and she went walking down the street.

"Now I'm really sure something's going on. That little kaijuu is walking not skating." Touya whispered, "but whatever it was I would find out what it is." he promised himself.


Sakura kept walking feeling totally out of herself. Until Tomoyo-chan, her bestfriend, walk up to her.

"Konnichiwa, Sakura-chan." She greeted Sakura warmly.

"Konnichiwa, Tomoyo-chan," Sakura greeted.

"So.. what happened yesterday?," Tomoyo asked.

"How did you know, something happened yesterday?," Sakura said.

"C'mon, I'm your best friend, I know you like an open book." Tomoyo grinned.

Sakura smiled. "You do know me,"

"So what happened? I'll bet, it has something to do with Li-kun."

Sakura wondered why is everyone asking her about her and Li-kun, <is it written across my face or what?> she thought. <or is it too obvious?>

"I-uh.. you're right about that." Sakura said, obviously defeated.

"So.. what happened? c'mon tell me, I won't blab about it to everyone, I promise."

Sakura laughed, "I know you're not a blabber... ok. I'll tell you.."

Then Sakura poured all her thoughts about Li-kun and the way she said that she thinks Meirin likes him, but never the thought of her liking Li-kun.


Tomoyo listens attentively while walking towards the school. She has a feeling that her
best friend is in love.

"So what do you think of Li-kun?" Tomoyo asked.

"What do you mean?," Sakura said.

"You know.. beyond being friends.. " Tomoyo replied.

Sakura's eyes got wide, like green saucers.. Tomoyo had to bite her own tongue.

"Gomen..," Tomoyo apologized. "I didn't mean, what I said."

Sakura smiled, "It's alright. what are friends for?"


Li-kun, woke up, and realized that he was late.

<uh-oh, I'm late.>

He showered then get dressed, and got a comb and began combing his brown hair. He faced a mirror and began combing there, but instead of seeing his own reflection,a girl with emerald eyes and auburn hair reappeared there. <Sakura..>

<Why are you always in my mind?> he growled.

After combing his hair, he go downstairs, almost running.


Meirin woke up with a start. Remembering her dream about her, Li-kun and her rival, Sakura.

<She will pay, if she make even a little step towards my Li-kun, I swear> she thought as she stood from her bed and folded her blanket neatly.

<I must look beautiful today> she thought, blushing, even when only thinking about Li-kun. <he's so handsome... not to mention a very good fighter.> she giggled.

She get undressed then showered, get dressed in her kawaii fuku and starts combing her dark, silky hair gently.

<I really look beautiful... Li-kun and I will make an adorable couple.> she smiled at her reflection on the mirror.
<And after I have Li-kun for myself, that Kinomoto girl will be out of the picture.> She smiled her fullest smile showing off her full, white teeth.


continuation of the fic: UNTITLED

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Nani - what?
Matte - wait
kaijuu - monster
ja ne - goodbye
ikimashoo - Let's go
Iie - no
Okamai naku - never mind
Nan desu ka - what is it?
Arigatou Gozaimasu - Thank you very much
Konban wa - good evening
Hoe - Sakura's favorite expression
Konnichiwa minna - goodmorning everybody
Gomen - sorry
kawaii - cute; adorable
fuku - uniform

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