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(a sequel to the Last of Many sights and Jealousy)

       By the time Li-kun reached their classroom, Sakura was already there, chatting mindlessy with her best friend, Tomoyo-chan, and looking as beautiful as always.

<Man.. I've gotta stop thinking like this> he thought.

He went to his seat slowly so that Sakura wouldn't notice him and give him one of her irresistable smiles. Her eyes wandered across the classroom and rested on the twin red-violet eyes owned by..... <Meirin....not again>

It's not that he didn't want to see Meirin... <But maybe I don't>

He turned again and look at Sakura as if seeing her for the first time.
<She really is an eye catcher, If only I could..> he seized his thought. <there I go again..>

When he look around the classroom again, he noticed Meirin staring angrily at Sakura then when she noticed that Li-kun was looking at her, she replaced the angry scowl on her face with a cheerful smile and started walking towards him.

"Ohayoo Gozaimasu, Li-kun," she greeted.

"Ohayoo," he returned, rather lamely and obviously uninterested.

"So what's up?" She asked, casually looking over her shoulder.

"Nothing much, listen..." he started, "I think you better stay away from me." he finished.

Meirin's eyes got wide but she maintained her composure, "why?" she asked, her chin quivering slightly.

"Nothing, I just wanted to be alone," he declared louldy.

Sakura and Tomoyo stopped chatting in an instant, Sakura's eyes are very penetrating.

Meirin looked at Sakura then at Li-kun, "Fine." she spat and stomped to her seat.

Some of his classmates said, "Nice going, Li-kun" or something like that.

Li-kun turned again his attention to Sakura who is now chatting noiselessly.

<I wonder what they're talking about, I wonder if it's me?...nah.. probably some other guy on their neighborhood> he thought, feeling a bit jealous.


"Could you believe what he just said?," Tomoyo gushed.

"Who said what?," Sakura asked trying to be enthusiastic again, because all her enthusiasm fled after Li-kun's remark a moment ago.

<Is he referring to me?.. maybe not, but I think I better stay away from him... for a while, Get a grip, Sakura, it's only for a while..but still..> she thought

"Earth to Sakura-chan!!" Tomoyo shouted.

"Gomen..," Sakura apologized.

"Well, even if I dance here naked, you wouldn't have noticed anyway.. you're too busy with the thing inside your head," Tomoyo continued.

"Anyway, you're still my best friend even when you just did that," Tomoyo finished, Then smiled warmly at Sakura, "Don't worry, I understand," then she smiled at Sakura knowingly.

"Thanks, Tomoyo-chan, so...what were you talking about just now?," she asked Tomoyo eagerly.

<If I talk to Tomoyo-chan a while longer, that way, I could keep my mind wandering off.. who knows where?> Sakura told herself.


   After talking to Meirin or after Meirin left, he sat down at his usual seat, at the back, he don't know why he like to sit there, <to see all my classmates?> he kidded himself,

<Admit it Syaoran! you like to see Sakura!> his conscience argued with him.

   "I better go to the comfort room," he whispered to himself as he started to walk down the

Then, there was something strange...

"Li-kun, where do you think you're going?," their newly entered sensei said. Aloud.

He swallowed, then he answered, "In the comfort room?,"

"It's only the starting of classes, and you're already feeling the need to go to the comfort room?,"
his sensei said again, Loudly than before, so all his classmates are staring at him. Including Sakura.

"I..uh..," he blushed, Then he heard someone chuckle. He blushed even more.

"Never mind.," he told their sensei and retreated back to his seat, still blushing furiously than ever.

He looked at Sakura and caught her looking at him, she blushed and look away.

<she's avoiding me... I wonder why..> he thought.

Then he caught somebody eyes, and it was Meirin, <not again...>, he told himself.

She was not smiling he observed, and she was also looking differently at Sakura...

<Oh no...> He almost said out loud, <She noticed.. she noticed that I like Sakura>

"Meirin likes you," he remembered what Sakura had told him the night before.

<She likes me and she probably noticed that I like Sakura and she's probably jealous?> he thought incredulousy, shaking his head.

<this is getting more and more complicated, first, Sakura,then now, Meirin?>

Meirin is still looking at Sakura differently, a complete strange expression on her face..

<hatred too...>

"Oh well, Li-kun, you're making yourself crazy by thinking like that," he told himself loudly.

"Are you talking to me?," his seatmate, Rika-chan, asked him.

"Iie, not you..," he said, a bit loudly while waving his hands,

"Li-kun, is there another problem with you? still feeling the need to go to the comfort room?," their sensei told him.

The whole class laughed. He felt himself reddening again for the third time.

Then he looked at Sakura who was the only one in the class who wasn't laughing.

<maybe she's only holding her giggles..> he thought grimly, <never in my life

I have felt so humiliated, so, I was exaggerating a bit>


As the time pass by, it was nearly their lunch break, Sakura felt that she had no appetite whatsoever and feeling a bit dizzy.

<maybe I will be sick tomorrow or the next day.. good, I don't want to stay in this classroom any longer> Sakura thought as she heard the bell go off.

She fixed her things and get ready for lunch time.

"Sakura-chan, daijobu ka?," her best fried, Tomoyo asked her.

"why do you ask?," Sakura said.

"you look kind of pale than usual," Tomoyo explained, eyeing her slightly.

"I'm alright," Sakura assured her.

She was feeling dizzier and dizzier every minute but maintained her ground, so she could convince her best friend that she's OK.

"You're getting paler and paler," Tomoyo observed while her eyes getting wide as violet saucers.

"Iie, no need to worry, I'm OK.," Sakura said clutching at her armrest for support, she was feeling superduper dizzy as if she would pass out.

"No, you better get home, I'll tell our sensei to give you permission to go," Tomoyo replied.

"Iie, I said not to worry," Sakura said, smiling a little, "see?"

Then she saw Li-kun coming their way and he asked,

"Sakura-chan, daijobu ka?, you look pale," he said, his amber-brown eyes concerned.

At that, Sakura heard no more. She gave up from the dizziness and head aches she was experiencing.

She fainted.


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