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Tomoyo-chan couldn't believe what she just saw.

(This couldn't be happening...but what if it is?)

Tomoyo-chan pinched herself a little to make sure that she wasn't dreaming or hallucinating or anything,


(Then it IS real)

"Uh.. Li-kun?" Tomoyo asked quietly.

"I..uh.. sorry, I got carried away," he said.

"why..?" Tomoyo continued.

"I.. Look. Let's keep this kissing thing as a secret okay? it won't happen again," he replied.

"But..," Tomoyo started.

"Please?," he begged.

"ok," Tomoyo sighed, defeated, again.

"Arigatou Gozaimasu Tomoyo-chan, I owe you one.," he smiled.

Tomoyo smiled back, (maybe he's really good for her,) she thought.


Touya couldn't believe what he had just heard.

(KISSING THING ?!) he thought with disbelief and a powerful surge of protectiveness, washed over him.

(That Syaoran boy will know now who's who)

He opened the door and saw two shocked, speechless, innocent faces.

(too innocent) he decided.

"Syaoran, come and go to the living room" Touya started.

"PLEASE." Touya finished, gritting his teeth.

A cloud of worry and nervousness was completely shown in Li-kun's eyes, but immediately he hid that.

"Ok," he replied.

(Oh, no) Tomoyo-chan thought, (he knows..God..He knows)


"Sit." Touya gestured to Li-kun towards the chair in front of him.

Li-kun obeyed obediently.

"Let's get to the point." Touya spat.

"Point?," Li-kun asked, point-blank.

"Why the hell did you do it?!," Touya reeled over Li-kun.

"Do what?," Li-kun said, avoiding the topic entirely.

"Oh, c'mon, Syaoran! Don't play the I-don't-know-what-you're-saying thing," Touya said, turning beet red.

"Hn," Li-kun sighed.

"Why the hell did you ever have to KISS Sakura...MY SAKURA!," Touya said.

"Kiss..," Li-kun whispered, a cloud of uncertainty washed over him.

(he's right, why did I ever kiss her,) Li-kun thought.

Li-kun stood and walked straight towards the door.

"Li-kun, Don't ever turn your back against me," Touya said.

"I won't.." Li-kun started, opening the door and stopped.

"And by the way, did I ever tell you that I like your sister?," Li-kun said <br> frankly, before shutting the door behind him.

Touya just stood there, mouth hanging open, nearly touching the floor.

"He likes Sakura." he whispered. Then without any warning, dashed towards the door.

"WHY DID I EVER LET IT HAPPEN," he whispered breathlessly.


"ohmygod..," Tomoyo said.

Then the next thing that happened surprised her.

"Konnichiwa Tomoyo-chan," Sakura said half whispering.

"Huh?," Tomoyo said turning towards Sakura.

"What is that shouting I heard below, is my brother OK?," Sakura asked.

"yeah, lively as always," Tomoyo said, smiling cheerfully towards her friend.

Sakura smiled warily.

"you better get some rest," Tomoyo said.

"OK," Sakura said lowering her back towards the bed and covering herself with a blanket.

"Sleep tight, Sakura-chan.," Tomoyo said lowering her face unto Sakura, giving her a friendly kiss on her forehead.

"Arigatou Gozaimasu, Tomoyo-chan..Thanks for being the greatest friend," Sakura sighed.

(You don't know what I've got to thank you for) Tomoyo smiled bitterly at her friend.

(I wonder what would you do if you knew,) Tomoyo wondered, smiling, imagining Sakura and Li-kun together.

"Perhaps, that would be the best." Tomoyo involuntarily said aloud.

"what best?" Sakura asked, opening her eyelids.

"nothing..," Tomoyo said assuringly at her sick friend.

"And thank you for being there," Sakura added.

"what are friends for, right?" Tomoyo said.

(what are friends for... yeah, right..) Tomoyo thought.


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