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I raise my eyes to look at the tree next to my window. I smile to myself as I pull my dark lavender colored hair into a ponytail. I must get ready for another long day.

<Well, as long as my dearest Sakura-chan is here with me, I will be alright.>

I sit down on my bed.  I still have a lot of time until school begins.  A whole two hours, to be exact.

<...Sakura-chan will be there...?  I hope.>

I sigh.

<She will never return your feelings...>

I love her and she is very dear to me...with her everlasting cheerful cuteness.  I love her more than anything or anyone in the world, although I sometimes feel badly for my mother, whom my feelings should go to also.  But...

"I love Kinomoto Sakura."  I hear myself whisper, and then giggle.

Such a simple statement...yet very meaningful to me...

Yes, I love Kinomoto Sakura, but not in the way that you are thinking right now.  I am a perfectly normal girl, even though I have to admit there are some strange things about me...but then again, don't all girls have strange parts about them?

I cannot love her, or any girl in any way other than the way I love her now, and even if I did, she would not care for me in the same way...

I thought that I was attracted to her brother at some time, but I sense that he was just an alternative...someone close to my dearest Sakura-chan...to be with him was also to be with her...

Love is not always a two-way road...someone might get lost trying to meet up with the other at the middle...but for me, I don't think that my "other" will ever begin the search for the road I am waiting on...

But I don't mind.  I just want her to be happy...

I lay down, resting my head upon the pillow.  Have I done my homework?  Did I have any homework?

<Yes you did, Tomoyo!  You have to finish your math problems, don't you remember?  You fell asleep before you were done~!>

"Oh no!"  I scramble to my backpack and pull out my math worksheet.  Then I sigh in relief.  "I did it about a half hour ago...stupid me."

<That's what you get for listening to the voices in your head.>  I think it is trying to make fun of me.

I ignore it this time, and remember something else. "I must get a new outfit for Sakura-chan!  Next month will be her birthday, and I must get something very important for the occasion!!"  I look around for my supplies.  "And I have the perfect idea!"  I rush down the stairs to grab my materials.

<Must you do everything for Sakura?>

"Yes...because I love Kinomoto Sakura."  I whisper as to answer the voice's question.

 *  *  *

I crawl out of bed, looking out at the blue sky. School.  I hate school.  The first thing that comes to mind.  The second thing that comes to mind is a person...a person with emerald eyes and auburn hair...

I shake my head, not believing that she would come to mind so early in the morning.

<She used to be your rival.>

"Shut up."  I am sick of having arguments in my head. I already have enough where ever I go.  I don't need to argue with myself...

I am Li Shaoran, sometimes known as Li Xiao Lang.  And I have a problem.  I can't seem to forget this certain...person.

I curse softly.  I have school to worry about, and now I have to worry about the person sitting right in front of me.  "Argh.  You are so stupid, Shaoran."  I mumble,  "She's already in love with someone else."

<Yeah, someone you're also in love with.>

"Not anymore!"  I shake my head and then sweatdrop, reminding myself not to argue with me.

The voice in my head laughed quietly.  <You're not the only one with this problem, kiddo.  Tomoyo Daidouji. She loves Kinomoto Sakura, too.>

"Tomoyo's a girl!"

<So?>  The voice laughs again, with a noise that hurts my ears.

"Forget it."

<She's making me go insane.>  I tame the voice so it would only say what I want it to.  <I never used to argue with myself until...>  I shake my head, with hopes that her image which was so clearly pasted into my mind would leave me alone.  I hate looking at her.  I hate it!  Especially looking at her eyes...her beautiful emerald green eyes...

"Da** it!  Here I go again!"  I groan, and hit my head with the palm of my hand.  "Shaoran, you are crazy."

<You're lucky that fiancee of yours isn't here.>

I sigh.  "Meiling."  I don't mind her much...although she gets on my nerves sometimes.  And she always managed to say that she was my fiancee to the worst people!  For example, when she first met Yukito...

<Remember that it's no use to fall in love now, kiddo.>

"Don't call me that."

<You already have a fiancee.  And you don't even have the guts to tell that girl you like that you like her in the first place.>

"Yeah, right."  I scowl to myself.  "I'll show you...I'll tell her today, at school.  I promise...I bet you that I can."

Yay.  I just made a bet to myself.  Shaoran, you are really insane...

"Yeah, insane over some girl...I've really lost it."

*  *  *

I smile into the mirror, flinging my brown hair off my shoulders.  I'm petite, I have to say, but I guess I'm not so bad looking.  At least not as much as Touya-onii-chan says I am.  He doesn't know anything.

I sigh, sitting on the chair in my room.  I can hear Kero-chan's snores coming from the drawer he sleeps in.  I wonder if he has enough air in there...?

I stare at the wall and think.  Think about what's going on...think about school...think about my friends...think about Yukito-san...think about Li-kun...think about--wait a second, go back now.  Back to thinking about my friends...my best friend and one of my very good friends have started to act differently around me...

Tomoyo-chan, who's my best friend, of course...whenever I mention someone else it seems like her eyes turn sad or something like that...maybe I'm imagining things...

And Li-kun...he seems to be avoiding me by all costs...and whenever he sees me he runs off.  The only times I see him without his running away is in class.  But that's only because he sits behind me.  I wonder what's wrong...whenever I do catch a glimpse of him, he looks like he's about to go in a faint...maybe he has a bad fever.  That should explain why he's red all of the time.  I guess.  The other weird fact is that he isn't chasing after Yukito-san anymore.  Maybe he knows that Yukito-san is meant for me, and stopped chasing him for that reason.  Hanyaaan~!

But I doubt that.  I think there's something really wrong with the two of them.  I guess when I get to school today, I will ask them about it.  I mean, I've known Tomoyo-chan for such a long time, I won't count years, but I've known Li-kun for about five years or so...and neither of them have ever acted so weird...and I wonder why at the same time, too...maybe I really am imagining things...

Back to Yukito-san, though...I...don't want to admit it to anyone, but I think that he and onii-chan...um...are getting to be closer than I thought they really were...if they are...  I sigh.  I wish Touya-onii-chan would at least tell me so in the first place...I don't think I feel the same way for Yukito-san as I did before anymore...

Oh no...school...

School...school=math.  Math=my least favorite subject in the whole wide world!  School=time for--oh no!  I'm late~! HOEH!

I grab my backpack and hurry off to school, after eating my quick breakfast and saying goodbye to my family.

END of prologue

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