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Chap. 2 : Sakura's brother

Ring, ring, ring...ring...ring!!!

"Coming!" Sakura ran down the stairs, calling out to her phone and feeling stupid at the same time for talking to it. It wasn't like the phone would understand...

She picked up the reciever. "Kinomoto here! Who would this be?"

"Me." was the answer.

"You?" her mind raced, trying to match the voice with a person.

<HOEH?!  Who is it?!>

Her mind was not helping her.

"Yeah." the voice in the phone answered.

"..and...who might you be?"


She honestly did not recognize the voice. "Who?!"

"This is Sakura, right?"

"Why do you know my name?"

"It's Syaoran."

"HOEH!?" Sakura almost dropped the phone in surprise. "How did you get my number!?"

"I got it from Tomoyo."


"Are you busy right now?"

"Nope!" she said cheerfully. "I just finished my homework! (Although I think I did it wrong...oh well, I'll as Rika-chan to help me tomorrow.)"


"Hoeh?" she listened to the silence on the other line with confusion. "Li-kun? Are you still here?"


"Why did you call?" she smiled into the phone. "I mean, because you've never called, and--"

"Because I wanted to tell you something."


<Why does everyone want to tell me something?>she wondered.

"Sakura-chan!" she heard a voice call from the door.

"C...coming!" she recognized the voice and was eager to see the visitor. "Listen, Li-kun, I'll see you at school tomorrow, tell me then, okay?"

"Hey, wait--" the boy cried out, but was completly ignored.

"I have a visitor at my house, okay? I'll see you tomorrow! Bye!" she slammed down the reciever and flew to open the door.

Li Syaoran was left staring at the phone in his hands and wondering why he had bothered to call in the first place.

The person at the door was, of course, Yukito. Sakura flung the door open and let him in. "Touya-onii-chan's not here right now." she explained.

"He's...not?" the white haired boy blinked. "Are you sure?"


He suddenly paled. (Sakura didn't know that he could be paler than he already was, but...^.^;) "So...where did he go? Do you know?"

"It should say on the white board. I'll go check!" the energetic girl bounded off to look at the board. "Hoeh..." she whispered to herself. "But it says that he'd be straight home...I wonder where he went..."

"Yukito-san!" she reported what it had said on the board.

Yukito bit his lip and the girl could see concern marked all over his face. "I wonder what could have happened to him..."

"Don't worry! He'll probably be home in a couple minutes!"

* * *

The truth was that he would not be returning to his home for a long while. And he did not go home that night at all. END of chap.2

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