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Chap. 4: Sakura's worry
<Syaoran is my fiancee!  Don't you dare touch him!>

Sakura groaned and sat up in bed, unable to sleep. "Maybe I was wrong...Li-kun still does belong to Meiling-chan, even if we don't like it...even if--"

"Ojyama shimasu!" Tomoyo bounded up the stairs and flung open the door to her room. "Sakura-chan! They found news about your brother!"

"On Touya-onii-chan?! Is he okay?!"

"..." she pulled her friend out of the covers. "Come on, you'll see for yourself...!"

"Fine, fine."

* * *

Kinomoto Touya sat in a darkened hospital room, eyes wide open. He could not get himself to sleep...yet he felt unbearably tired. So tired... He yawned and stretched out, wincing as pain flickered through his upper right arm. <What happened to

He sighed.

<Hello, Touya.> a fair haired nurse smiled at him as she opened the door, letting in a thick strip of light directly to his eyes.

He squinted with annoyance. "Who are you?"

"I've never seen you before."

<You haven't, have you?> she advanced a step, then paused with hesitation. <Everyone's been worried about you.>


<Yes, your little sister, and your father...your friends...>

"How do you know--"

she was beside him, had her hand on his face, comforting him...relaxing his muscles...

Touya raised his hand to rub sleep from his eyes. "I'm tired..."

<Well, you should be.> the nurse smiled, then elevated her hand.

Touya shivered. Did he just see some kind of fire or light coming out of it...?

<Oyasumi nasai, Touya-kun.> her mouth twisted to form an evil smirk and she lay her hand on his right shoulder, right above his wound.

He cried out in pain at first, but as light enveloped him, he sank into deep sleep.

* * *

"Where is Touya-onii-chan's room?" Sakura questioned, taking the hospital stairs two at a time. "I want to hurry!"

"There is no rush..." Tomoyo reminded. "He will be fine."

"WAI! So he is doing well!" she beamed, and slowed down, waiting for her friend to catch up.

"Yes, yes." she gave in, defeated. "The doctors said that he should recover in a day or so...but they aren't sure what happened to him."

Sakura gave a sigh of relief. "I can't wait to see him, though. I want to know what he was doing out so late--oh gosh, I'm sorry--!" she bowed her head to someone she had walked right into. "I wasn't paying attention, it was my fault, I'll never do it again, and--"

"Sakura!" the voice was a very familiar one and she sweatdropped, recognizing it.

Two amber eyes justified her guess. "Li-kun!"

"Why are you here?"

"I can ask the same of you. And I'm here because I came to visit my brother in the hospital. I can't think you came to do the same..."

"And you didn't notice anything strange about this place?"

"Hoeh? No..."


Sakura scowled. "Well, I wasn't looking for anything, and all I came to do was visit Touya-onii-chan, and--"

"Something's happening in that room." he interrupted, fairly rudely, in Tomoyo's opinion.

"In what room?"

"That one." he pointed.

Tomoyo gasped suddenly. "That is the room where your brother should be in...!"

"Oh, no!" Sakura rushed over to the door, flinging it open....

END of chap. 4

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