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Chap. 5: Sakura's fright

"Onii-chan!" Sakura's eyes grew wide as she surveyed the scene in front of her. She did not see or feel anything out of the ordinary...

"Look!" Tomoyo picked up a nurse's hat that had fallen on the floor.

"Hoeh?!" she did not understand. "Li-kun," she whined, "I don't sense anything wrong..."

"Sakura-chan!" Tomoyo called for her friend's attention once more. "Your brother isn't breathing much..."

"Hoeh?! Onii-chan?!" she ran over to her relative and put her hand on his forehead. "Ow!" she pulled away. "He has a fever, too. He's burning up..."

"Are you sure that you don't feel anything?" Syaoran walked in, annoyed.

"Not a thing."

<There!> a voice cried out in alarm from outside the room.

"Hoeh?" Sakura blinked.

<It must be them!> a nurse ran into the room, pointing at the three teenagers accusingly. <What did
you do to my patient!?>


"We did not do a thing." Tomoyo said truthfully. "We came in to check up on Sakura-chan's brother."

<Sakura?> the nurse looked doubtful.


"I'm Kinomoto Sakura!" Sakura said automatically.

the nurse shrugged with a sigh. <I'm sorry, I was wrong, doctor!> she yelled across the hall.

"Um...what is wrong with my brother?"

"You lie!" Syaoran narrowed his eyes.

she turned her head and scrutinized him as though she had just first seen him. She was not impressed at what she saw. 

"Sakura, Tomoyo, get out of its way!"

"Hoeh?" Sakura and her friend exchanged confused glances.

"I said get out of its way!"

Tomoyo shrugged and, whipping out her recorder, stood next the window farthest from the nurse. Sakura followed her example, but without the video recorder.

The nurse sighed once again, seeming to be angered. <And why do you think I lie?>

"What do you want in the human world?" Syaoran took a step forward, his eyes still narrowed with accusation. "You're a ghost, don't you belong elsewhere?"

"HOEH!" Sakura quickly hid behind Tomoyo, who sweatdropped and peeked through the recorder's lens.

"Sakura-chan..." Tomoyo smiled with amusement. "She looks quite different when she's recorded. Would you like to see? She looks more like a ghost this way." she gestured to the instrument in her hands and held it out to her friend.

Sakura shook her head with disgust, shivering. "No thanks! I'm not Naoko-chan..."

the nurse smiled. <I'd rather be called a spirit.>

Sakura nodded, whispering to Tomoyo that the word "spirit" sounded awfully nicer compared to the word "ghost." Tomoyo told her that she did not mind either one much and they did not make a difference to her.

<And what do you plan to do about me?> the spirit challenged.

"W...what did you do to my brother?" Sakura peeked her head out from behind her friend, who was smiling and having the time of her life taping what was going and regretting not having Sakura in the shot.

<Oh, nothing.> the spirit ran its hand through its long blonde hair. <Let's just say that I sent him to meet your mother.>

"What!?" she gathered all of her courage together and stepped aside from Tomoyo. "Bring him back! Now!"

<Oh, sure.  In time.>

"Do what she says." Syaoran's voice was between a whisper and a growl. The spirit backed away.

<Now now.  Just wait a moment, will you?> the spirit was whining.

Sakura was beginning to forget her fear of ghosts as anger overwhelmed her. "Bring my brother back!!"

<Fine, fine.  I give.> the spirit sighed, sitting down next to the sleeping Touya. <But when I bring him back, he'll be in a coma...>she added, placing her hand on his head.

"Hoeh? Why?"

<Well...> There was a short silence...the three teenagers sweatdropped.

A bright light enveloped the room and formed a rainbow of sorts that danced around the room in merriment. The spirit slumped down and a shower of bluish purple wrapped around her...and then she was gone.

"HOEH?!" Sakura fell over, hit her head and wailed. "OOOOOOWWWWWWW~!!!!"

"Baka." was all that was said for a long moment...

Tomoyo stepped over to the sleeping boy and glanced down. "Sakura-chan, what she had said is true...so it seems." she smiled encouragingly. "He's breathing evenly now, though."

"Good." Sakura had just gotten over her fit of pain. "...but, Tomoyo-chan, do you think it's true that when you see a ghost, you're going to die?" she turned pale. "Maybe that's why I hit my head! Yeah, it was trying to kill me...hoeh...!!!!!!!" she fell over once again, and then lost consciousness.

Tomoyo and Syaoran exchanged glances and then Tomoyo giggled. "That is very like Sakura-chan..."

Syaoran shrugged in response and then slung the unconscious girl over his shoulder. "I guess."

END of chap. 5

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