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Chap. 1

"Waaii~!" Kinomoto Sakura cheered as she looked outside. "Snow! This is going to be the perfect New Years!" she grabbed her phone and dialed the number of her best friend.

"Hai, this is the Daidouji residence. Tomoyo speaking."

"Tomoyo-chan~! Finally, it's snowing!"

"Ohayo gozaimasu, Sakura-chan!" Tomoyo glanced outside. "Yes, it is snowing!" she beamed into the telephone. "I had a question to ask you, it's a good thing you called!"

"Hoeh? A question?"

"Are you busy on New Year's eve?"

"Tomorrow?" Sakura thought for a moment. "I don't think so. I'll go ask Dad. Hold on!"


The energetic girl ran down the stairs and asked her father if she was busy.

He told her that they did not have anything special planned.

"Hello, Tomoyo-chan?" Sakura picked the phone back up. "Dad said that we don't have anything planned! ....why?"

"Would you like to go on a skiing trip? I have um...let's see. Four tickets, and I wanted you to come!"

"Who else are you inviting?"

"Rika-chan, Naoko-chan, Chiharu-chan."

"But then you don't have a ticket."

"Do not worry, I'm pretty sure that one of them won't be able to make it."

"But what if they can all make it?"

"Then I'll get us another ticket." Tomoyo smiled.



"Could you call Chiharu-chan for me? And ask her?"


"Thanks. Listen, we'll meet outside at the penguin park at two...later today, okay?"

"Sure!" Sakura repeated, thrilled.

* * *

"Tomoyo-chan!!" Sakura ran over to her friend.

"Chiharu-chan said that she can make it!"

"Really?" Tomoyo seemed to be sort of depressed.

"Is something wrong?"

"Um...Naoko-chan and Rika-chan have a piano recital and can't come."

"Oh. Who are you going to invite?"

"How about Yamazaki-kun?"

The two girls sweatdropped, thinking of how many things he would be able to talk about at the ski resort.

"Well, I guess we should ask him..." Sakura said, the sweatdrop still on her head. "He wouldn't want to be left out..."

"Sakura-chan! Tomoyo-chaaaaaan!" Chiharu appeared out of what seemed like nowhere, wearing a heavy-looking jacket and gloves. "You were talking about Yamazaki-kun?" she sweatdropped along with the others. "Um...sorry, I took the liberty of asking him, myself..."

"You what?!"

"Don't worry! He said he couldn't come!"

"Oh." Sakura scratched her head. "Who's left?"

Tomoyo beamed. "I have an idea of who to invite. Sakura-chan, Chiharu-chan, I'll call you later to tell you what time we're leaving, okay?"

"Sure..." Sakura and Chiharu exchanged glances, neither knowing why Tomoyo was so happy all of a sudden.

* * *

Sakura, Chiharu and Tomoyo stood in front of the richest girl's mansion.

"Who did you get to come?" Chiharu asked, her head tilted to the side.

"You'll see when the person gets here." Tomoyo answered, a smile on her face.

Chiharu and Sakura glanced at each other, both noticing that Tomoyo wouldn't even give away the gender of the newcomer.

Sakura sighed, leaning back. "I hope she comes soon. I'm tired of waiting."

Tomoyo stifled a laugh, and the other two automatically figured out that the newcomer would be a boy.

"Yeah, she better be ready to ski, too. I don't want to hear that she got her skirt caught on a tree as she was skiing and she tripped." Chiharu said, watching her friend's expression carefully.

Tomoyo couldn't help it. She burst out laughing.

"Hoeh?" Sakura winked at Chiharu. "Do you mean that she really is that horrid at skiing?"

"What do you mean she?! You're not talking about me, right?" a voice growled and a very familiar figure made his way over to the three girls.

Sakura fell over. "L...L...Li-kun~!"

Syaoran glanced at Tomoyo, who was still helpless with laughter. He glared at her. "You did tell them that I was coming, right?"

Tomoyo shook her head, giggling.

END Chap. 1

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