Chapter 2

"I'll never become an adult like you, no matter what!"
quote from the Utena movie Adolescence Apocalypse

Meiling walked down a path in a dark forest, with an evil smirk on her face. She & her family lived in a small cottage far away from their old house. Life was much harder now, all their servants left with Sakura... Sakura. Meiling frowned at the thought, as her heart filled with hatred for her.

White burning anger, she felt that way about that girl from the first moment they met. She was so annoying, always smiling like there wasn't a care in the world.

But now... Meiling paused when the tree's were beginning to clear, there was an old shack. The wood had started to rot away, and a straw roof which was rotting as well. It had a small chimney had smoke coming out the top. The shack was no bigger than a horse stable. There was only one window, which had no glass but was covered by a white sheet.

Meiling approached the door & knocked on it, but not too hard, her heart pounded as she said," Sensei, I'm coming in now." Meiling lifted her finger at the door, and it opened by itself. As she stepped inside, an old woman turned to face her,

" Good you're on time. Now let's begin the lesson. Today I will finally be teaching you how to put a curse on a person. Close the door will ya!?"

Meiling pushed the door shut. She walked in and removed her coat.


" Master, things in the mortal realm-" Tomoyo was cut off.

" Yes I know. I see a dark cloud cowering over the kingdom of Tokyo." Said Clow, showing no sign of concern in his voice or on his face.

" Then what shall we do? Warn Sakura-chan of the danger?" Asked Tomoyo.

" No we needn't bother with that." Clow replied coolly.

Tomoyo was getting very fed up with her master's ignorance. Then as if Clow had read her mind he said." It's Sakura's own wish that we not do anything.... Yet."

" Sakura-chan's......Wish?" Tomoyo choked out very confused.


It was sundown by the time Meiling's lesson's were over, she burst out of the little old shack, and ran home with high confidence.

" Ha, ha, ha, ha!!! Now Sakura you will pay dearly!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!"

The old witch watched Meiling run away. " I knew you would be the one to avenge us, the moment you came to me for help." She closed her wrinkled eyes and thought back in time.


Smash!!! The witch turned around not startled." You old lady! I heard you can make potions I need-"

" Me to make you a love potion, right?" The rasped, finishing Meiling's sentence as the girl's jaw dropped right open, unable to speak. " I knew you would come to me eventually, afterall your prince is quite good looking. Dearie, if you want a love potion you will have to pay me first."

" Wait you old crone! How will I know that love potion you make for me will work?!"

" Hmmm, that's a good question, but I guess you'll have to risk it besides tonight is probably the last chance you'll have to snag him. And wouldn't it be a shame if you lost him to a peasant girl like your step-sister."

Meiling was grinding her teeth." How much?"

" Hmmmm, how about 5,000 silver rupies."

" Half!"

" No."

" Alright you old #$%^! half now, the rest AFTER I see the potion work!"

"Gurlie, you've got a deal."


She reopened her eyes. She couldn't see Meiling anymore, she must have gone to the palace already.


Sakura laid in bed alone. Her husband was still busy working out some stuff with the Spanish ambassador. Sakura used some " I don't feel well, " excuse to get out of there.

She hated business, wouldn't Syaoran & she have any time to be alone together. She was so lonely even with Rika & Chiharu coming every once-in-while to see her. Everytime they did come they would talk about how they & their husband went to France, Italy, Spain, etc. Sakura wished so much that Syaoran wasn't a king, just a noble man. Then they would be able to go anywhere. Without being reminded that they are " important people" and that " they shouldn't go anywhere" just in case " there are enemies out there waiting to kidnap them".

Sakura laid on the bed looking up with a lonely heart. " Maybe getting married to Syaoran was a mistake." She said without realizing she said it out loud.

" I knew it! I knew you couldn't handle being the queen!" A voice said with glee. Sakura immediately got up and to see the smiling face of-,

" Meiling?" She choked out.

" Heh, heh. Suprise!" Meiling cried out and pointed to Sakura. Sakura was pushed down by something really strong, but she couldn't see anything. It was like the air betrayed her, it was forcing her down. Even the air in her lungs was crushing her, and it became very painful to breath. Meiling just stared at her very amused. When Sakura realized there wasn't much else left to do, she knew there was only one way.


Two men walked down a hallway talking. " I don't know Yamazaki-kun, Sakura seems... Different, she doesn't seem happy anymore, and when I ask her what's wrong, she put's on this fake smile and says 'nothing's wrong. I'm fine.' You have to help me Yamazaki-kun, this is killiing me!" Syaoran turned to his childhood friend for answers.

" Well put yourself in her shoes. If you used to be a normal person, then in snap, got thrown into royalty, how would you feel?" Asked Yamazaki.

" HAPPY OF COURSE!!" Snapped Syaoran.

" Syaoran-kun, there is more to happiness than riches."

" Like what??"

" Like.... Well.." Yamazaki pondered and tried to find the words which could describe his theory.

" Like..." Yamazaki thought back to a time when he had been happy without using money." Hey Syaoran-kun, do remember when we were 7 years old? We snuck out of the castle during our private lessons. Then we went over to a creek nearby, and we played there for hours! We had the time of our life!"

" So? What's your point?" Asked Syaoran bored, he had no clue what Yamazaki was trying to say." Don't you remember what you said to me, after we got punished for wandering off?"

" Yeah, I said ' I wish we could always have fun like this. If only we weren't such important people, then we could do this every day.' So what it?"

Yamazaki couldn't belive this, he didn't know if Syaoran was playing clueless on purpose. Or if he was just born that way. " Don't you get it? Sakura was raised with the kind of freedom we didn't have!!!! She isn't used to being locked up like this!!" Yamazaki bursted out.

" Oh, I see now. So what should I do about "

"Well- "

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! HEELP MEEEE!" Both men turned to the direction where the voice was coming from. Syaoran eyes widdened in horror,

" That sounded like Sakura!" Syaoran rushed to their room, with horrible thoughts racing through his mind. Yamazaki followed close behind him. When they reached, what they saw was horrifiying.

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