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Chap. 8: Sakura's new trouble

"M...Meiling-chan!" Sakura jumped. "H...how did you get in here?"

"K...Kinomoto-san...why are you here...?" Meiling shook her head, clearing her thoughts. "W...who let you in...?"

"Well, Li-kun let me in...and I came...because--"

"Who cares?" Syaoran stopped her from fully answering her question. "That's none of your business." he narrowed his eyes at Meiling.

"Yes it is!!" Meiling exclaimed. "This isn't your house." she said coldly to the other girl, who backed away. "Get out of my house."

"This isn't your house either!" Syaoran complained.

"Yes it is." she pulled out the house key. "Mother told me that I'm supposed to live with you for the two weeks we're staying. So we can get used to living with each other."

Sakura realized in horror.

"So, this is my house, too."

"U...um...I have to visit Touya-onii-chan at th...the hospital, so...I'll see you two at school, okay?"

"WAIT! You have to explain why you're here in the first place!"

"Li-kun can explain!" Sakura said, giving the boy a I'm-sorry-but-I-don't-want-to-get-in-trouble look. "The hospital is going to close soon, so I have to hurry!" she rushed off.

Meiling fumed. "She hasn't changed much, has she."

"...no." Syaoran said quietly, then turned towards Meiling. "Tell 'Mother' that I'm not returning to Hong Kong."

"What are you talking about?!"

"I'm staying here, okay?!"

"That's not okay!!" she glared angrily. "You're still my fiancee, whatever happens!"


"...what did happen...?"

"..nothing." Syaoran crossed his arms. "Get out of my house. Now."

"But I have nowhere to go."

"Go back to Hong Kong. Where you belong."

"But my plane isn't coming for two weeks."

"Tell them to switch tickets for you."


"Why not?" his eyes narrowed.

"Because I'm not going to Hong Kong unless you come with me!!!" tears appeared in the corners of the girls eyes. "I can't got back! Mother will kill me!"

"That's not my problem." he stated coldly.

"...fine..." ruby eyes blinked away tears. "FINE!" she stormed out, flinging the keys down on the table.

END chap. 8

<I can't believe that he won't return with me.>

I run my hand through my dark black hair.

<I can't believe it!>

I glare at the slide before me. Then I notice that I ran all the way to the penguin park...

I take a seat on the bench, swinging my legs.

<I can't believe it....!>

"It must be because of that...that...girl. She's trying to steal him away from me..."

Something warm and sticky drips off of my fingers...blood....

I must have been clenching my fist...I shudder.

"Stupid me."

I examine my injured hand, and am surprised to find only a tiny cut in the flesh. I pull out a bandage from my purse and place it on the cut.

<I have to do something about that Kinomoto girl...>

I sigh. I was stupid to have thought that Syaoran would go back with me...just like that. I snap my fingers, and smile.

<I will do something about her...>

<I will.>

I stand up, the smile still on my face.

<I'll teach her not to mess with Li Meiling.>

I look up, just at the right time to see rain drops beginning to fall...

I walk over to a puddle, which had formed already...

<How quick.> I think to myself, staring at my reflection.

"Huh?" I reach up, wiping off water from my cheeks.

Later, I found out that the water on me was not from the rain...

But it had come from my sorrow.

* * *

<So she has come back.>

I take a deep breath.

<I don't know if I did the right thing.>

I sit down next to the telephone.

<Should I call Sakura?>

I shake my dark brown hair. "Nah."

<She'll probably feel bad for Meiling.>

Do I feel bad for Meiling?


I stand, going into the kitchen.

<Maybe I'm a cold person...>

<Just because I told her off can't mean that I'm cold.>

<Can it?>

I scratch my head, annoyed at myself for having such stupid thoughts.

<It's all 'Mother's' fault for choosing my fiancee. I never did want to marry her.>

<It's just like 'Mother' not to know that love can't be forced upon anyone...>

I grab a cup from the cabinet.

"I wonder if Meiling will actually listen to me."

I know that she will not. She'll probably return here later on...

And I'd better be ready for her.

<She never did care for what other people told her.>

<I wonder what she's doing now.>

<Maybe I should call Sakura...>

<Or not.>

"Meiling will probably go and bug her now..."

I roll my eyes, hoping that Sakura wouldn't say something unneeded.

"Maybe I should warn her."

* * *

I sit down, brush in hand.

I glance at myself in the mirror, and then put the brush away.

<I should have told him...>

I shake my head.

<No, it's better this way.>

"I wonder if Li-kun will be going back with Meiling-chan." I giggle nervously, knowing...hoping that he wouldn't.

<I wish she didn't come back to Japan...>

"Maybe he will go..." I push my auburn hair back. "Meiling-chan is at least prettier than me..."

I lean against the chair and it tilts back.

"...I hope he doesn't, though..."

"Mmmm?!" a muffled voice calls out and I jump up.

"O...oh, Kero-chan!"

"What's wrong?"

"N...nothing!" I half smile to myself. "..sorry I haven't been taking care of you as much as I should."

"Aw, no prob!" the flying bear-like creature floats around the room. "I know that you've been a bit busy."

"Hoeh! B...busy?" I smile sheepishly. "How did you know...?"

"I visited Tomoyo's house a couple of times." he grins. "She's got some good shots of you and that Li boy."


"...so, what's up? You look depressed."

"..do you remember Meiling-chan?" I ask, hoping he wouldn't.

"Yeah, that Li girl that doesn't have any 'reikan' or anything like that."

"Mmm-hmm." I sigh. "She's back."


"So she can take Li-kun back to Hong Kong."

"Really?!" his eyes light up and I sigh once more.


"Well, that isn't too bad, now, is it?"

I glare at him.

"I'm just kidding!" Kero-chan puts his hands up in the air in a surrendering fashion.

"Okay, okay."

He smiles at me, patting my head with his um...paw.

"Don't worry, Sakura. If he cares for you, there's no way he'll dump you for some other girl. Fiancee or not."

"Thanks, Kero-chan."

I think I feel much better.

END Chap 8.5

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