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Chap. 9: Sakura's blame

Knock, knock.

"Yes~!" Sakura ran to the door. "Hold on!"

The door opened and a furious Meiling pushed her way in.

"M...Meiling-chan! What are you doing here?! Weren't you going to be staying at Li-kun's house? You had keys...?"

"What did you do to him?" Meiling ignored the other girl's questions.

"Hoeh?" Sakura blinked in confusion. "What do you mean? I didn't do anything to him..."

"Then why won't he go back to Hong Kong with me!?"

"HOEH!? I didn't tell him not to~!" she backed away, a sweatdrop on her head.

"I don't believe you."

* * *

::Emi!!:: Nadeshiko glared at her companion. ::Were you able to wake him up?::

::Him?:: Emi blinked at her, bright blue eyes wide with innocence. ::And who would that be?::

::My son.::

::He isn't awake, I didn't have enough power to wake him, but he's doing fine, Nadeshiko.:: she said sheepishly.

::He'd better be.::

::He is, he is.::

::What about Sakura?::

::I haven't gotten to her yet.:: the spirit replied truthfully.

::You'd better hurry, then...time's running out...::

::Oh, don't worry, Nadeshiko-chan.:: her eyes glinted evilly. ::You can trust in me.::

* * *

"HOEH!?" Sakura cried out. "What do you mean that you're blaming me for Li-kun's decision not to go to Hong Kong?!"

"You must be the one keeping him from going back." Meiling glared at the girl. "Kinomoto-san."

"But I didn't--"

"I'm not going to listen to your talk. I know that you're the one keeping him here, and that you're the only one keeping him here. So...if he didn't have you, then I'll have no problems." her eyes narrowed menacingly. "Keep away from him, Kinomoto-san. Or else." she left, leaving Sakura staring after her, jaw wide open.

* * *

"...and then she gave me this...this...look." Sakura explained to her best friend, who was listening intently. "I think that she's going to try and kill me or something."

"I wonder why she wanted to change her name?"

"So no one would remember her."

"Too late now." Tomoyo shrugged. "If I was her, I wouldn't have done such a thing. Especially if I was going to tell someone about it. The whole school might know after that."

"True." Sakura sighed. "I told Li-kun that Meiling wouldn't listen, too."

"And his reply?"

"He said that maybe she'll understand."

Tomoyo blinked. "I don't think she's understanding."

"Nope." she sweatdropped. "And I doubt that she'll ever understand." she sighed once again.

"Probably not."

"..any ideas on how to change her mind?" she asked with hope.

Tomoyo thought for a short while. Then she smiled. "Nope."

Sakura fell over.

* * *

Nadeshiko sat down on a nearby chair. Placing her hand on her head, she let out a deep breath. ::I knew that Emi couldn't be trusted...:: she looked up. ::I should have never come back... I'm going to be causing Sakura and the others a lot of trouble...:: her grayish eyes narrowed slightly. "Who's there? Anyone?"

A blonde figure slid the door open and entered. ::It's almost time, Nadeshiko.:: Emi smiled at the young woman, who was not in the best of moods at the moment. ::Almost time for you to see your children...::

::Is there no way to cancel this meeting?:: the reply was sharp.

::Oh, no. Not at all.::

::Fine.:: she glanced at the clock. ::How much longer will it take?::

::You'll have enough power to 'return' in less than a week.::

::Fine.:: Nadeshiko repeated, turning around. ::You may leave now.::

::Whatever you say, Nadeshiko.:: the blonde stalled at the door. ::Oh, and are you planning to see Fujitaka Kinomoto? And Sonomi Daidouji?::



::Not if they must face what Sakura and the others will.::

::No, then.:: Emi nodded and vanished through the door.

Nadeshiko sighed. ::Sakura-chan...:: she shook her head, ::My daughter... I wish I didn't have to do this to you...especially when you've actually found your 'other.':: she leaned back. "Li...Syaoran... ka."

END chap. 9

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