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Chapter 4

"Hoeh!? What do you mean, now?!" Sakura blinked.

"O...oh, you're going to call her?"

"No." Syaoran sighed.

"Then how--"

"Sakura, you're the one I cared for."


* * *

"USO~~!!!!!" Sakura blinked at the boy. "You're kidding!"


The girl took a deep breath. "...then..."


"Gomen nasai, Li-kun!" she lowered her head. "I...can't return your feelings."

Syaoran bit his lip and prayed that she was playing a joke on him.

"I...I'm sorry." she stood up. "I'll be right back, okay?" she flipped on the lights and smiled at him with a warm, but slightly sad looking smile.

* * *

"YOU WHAT!?" Chiharu glared at Sakura.

"Sssshhh!" Sakura glanced at the still sleeping Tomoyo.

"Oopes. Sorry." the other girl whispered sheepishly.

"So...I don't know what to do."

"What do you mean?! Go and apologize to him, that's what you do! Tell him you didn't mean it! Do something!!"


"Why can't you?"

"Hold on...I'm going to wash my face." Sakura bowed and disappeared around the corner of the room.

Chiharu sighed. "So that must be why Tomoyo was so happy to invite Li-kun."

* * *

Meanwhile....Syaoran was still in the same position as he was in when Sakura had left him.

::I was stupid.::

He sighed. "What were the chances...?" he whispered, then shrugged. "Oh well...there'll be other people...she's not the only one in this world."


* * *

Sakura had finished washing her face and now was leaning against the wall of the small room, staring at her reflection in the mirror. One half of her wanted to go back to her room and apologize to the boy...to tell him that she really did care for him... But the other half told her that she had said what she had felt...that she couldn't love him...and that she had lied when she said she thought she would be able to.

She wanted desperately to be at home again...in her own comfortable room, instead of being stuck at a ski resort for New Year's day.

She also wanted desperately to be able to comfort the boy who still awaited her return in their room...

She shook her head. She had done what was right.

But what was right didn't mean that it made her feel any better.

She actually felt very horrid.

* * *

The next day.........

"Waiiiiiii~!" Chiharu whooped as she skied down the slope. "Sakura-chan! Come on! Try it! It's fun!"

"Coming." the usual smile on the girl's face was wiped off, and there was a sad expression replacing it. "Hold on!"

"I wonder if she is okay." Tomoyo glanced at Chiharu, who nodded.

Chiharu had not told Tomoyo about what had happened the night before, and so Tomoyo had no clue what was troubling her friend so much.

"Chiharu-chan, you don't happen to know what's wrong?"

"Huh?! O..oh, no! Of course not!" Chiharu smiled sheepishly. "Come on, SAKURA-CHAN!"

"COMING!" Sakura called back, sliding easily down the hill. "Wow~! This is fun!"

"Li-kun!" Tomoyo glanced around, and then noticed the boy sitting at the top of the hill with an unhappy expression. "Aren't you going to try it?"

"No." Syaoran shook his head and the girl shrugged.

"Why don't you have a race with Sakura-chan?" she called up the hill.

Sakura turned to look up at Syaoran, and then skidded straight into a tree.

Syaoran stood up, concern written over his face...until he noticed what he was doing and then sat back down with a huff.

"Sakura-chan!" Chiharu and Tomoyo hurried over to her and helped her up. "Are you okay?"

"I'm...fine." Sakura tried out a weak smile.

"Maybe we should just call it quits for now." Chiharu suggested.

"Yeah." Tomoyo agreed with her friend, blowing on her hands. "It's getting really cold out here."

END Chap. 4

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