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Wai!! This is such a cute picture!! I love Sakura and Syaoran's expession!! This is also the first fan art I recieved, Arrigato Piggy Ho Ho!! ^__^ Kawaii!!
Sakura is SO cute!! I love the bright colors!! =P This absoultely beautiful CG is from박연주! Kawaii Sakura!
Wai!!! Yet another wonderful CG from박연주 I just luv the colors!!! And Syaoran looks so COOL and SAUVE! Kakkoii!!! o^__^o Waiii!!! SUGOI! Syaoran and Sakura!
Kawaii! Winter clothes really suit Syaoran!! This is a cute drawing done by Thessa-chan! Kakoii!
Uwa! A nice sketch of Syaoran standing in the wind by Thessa-chan! Syaoran
Yet another of Thessa-chan's drawings! This one is Syaoran glaring. But who is he glaring at? A close up of Syaoran
Cute! Sakura the Cheerleader!! Also done by Thessa-chan! Cheer!! Cheer!! ^^;