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A frowning Sakura, done by Thessa-chan! What's wrong?!
I love the expression on Sakura!! So cute!! ^_^ Done by Thessa-chan! Sakura!
Wai!! It's a mature Sakura and Syaoran!!! I love the colors! Done wonderfully by Tev. A Mature Sakura and Syaoran!
A cute li'l pic of Sakura skating! Just like in the op.!! ^_^ Done by Usako! A Skating Sakura!
Hey! A Christmas pic! Arrigato Usako! Merry X-mas! ^_^
A gift from tenhoo in celebration of New Years!! Arrigato! :) Happy 2000!! ^_^
Hee, ever wondered what Sakura would look like in a Sailor Senshi fuku?? Done by yours truly!! ^_- Sailor Sakura!! ^_^