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Wai!! Tev is so talented!!! I luv the colors in this one! So pretty!!! ^_^ An older Sakura and Syaoran!
Aiieee! Kawaii! Eriol and Syaoran are too cute!! From Dayna-chan Syaoran and Eriol!!
Wai!! It's Syaoran! ^__^;; By Dayna-chan! Syaoran!
This is cuteness beyond cuteness! :) Too kawaii! Great job Dayna-chan! ^___^ Sakura and Syaoran at a picnic!!
Hyaah! So cute! I love how mami sketched it out!!! Visit her hompage too! -  Sakura!
A cute sketch of Sakura and Kero-chan from B-chan! Very good for a first try!! ^_^  Sakura and Kero-chan!
Ah! I'm soooo jealous!! Dayna-chan has done it again!! Sakura and Syaoran look absoloutely kawaii!! ^_^ Sakura n Syaoran!
Wai! Wai!! So adorable!! Sakura looks very kawaii!! And that outfit! I wonder if Syaoran let her borrow it? ^^;; Done by the ever so talented Dayna-chan!  Sakura!