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Kakoii!! Syaoran looks very cool! =^_^= From Mark West!!! Syaoran looking Kakoii!
A lovely drawing of Sakura and Syaoran in kimonos by Kat R.! ^_^ Syaoran and Sakura in Kimonos
Lizzy said that this was her very first S+S drawing and that this was done by a 13 year old. I have to say... how cuuuute! :P Pink!
Kero-chan and Sakura posing! by B-chan Kero-chan and Sakura
This is a drawing that I (Suika) did a looooong time ago in '99. Sakura and Syaoran and pink! Yeah! ^_^ Syaoran + Sakura
Mmmmm.... I really wish that they would make Kero-chan, and Suppi shaped candies, would that be just yummy? :) Drawing by me again. Tomoyo
This time I drew Sakura with Kero-chan, Suppi, and.... Mokona?! as ballons! I wonder if I can find balloons like these in Japan? ^.^ Sakura
Syaoran standing all alone in the rose garden... what's he thinking about? Hmmm.... ^_^; Yup, another drawing by me, Suika Syaoran