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NEW: New story
Updated: new chapter added/story is updated
Preview: means that it's a preview ^_-
Shounen-ai: some boy + boy stuff
Shoujo-ai: girl + girl love

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*~Achika Sempai~*

|| Ch. 1 || Ch. 2 || Ch. 3 || Ch. 4 || Ch. 5 || Ch. 6 || Ch. 7 ||
~Wha? Sakura as Cinderella? A fairy tale indeed! ^_^~

The Sequel
|| 1 || 2 ||
~wai!! It's the sequel to Sakura-ella!!~

The Midnight Mirage Hotel A Preview
~Ooooh.... what happens when Sakura-tachi go to a Haunted Hotel?~

The Wizard of Oz: CCS version
|| Ch. 1|| Ch. 2 ||
~A very cute story about Sakura lost in the land of Oz!~

Ch. 1|| Ch. 2 || Ch. 3
~Hyaahh! Syaoran is going to leave Sakura and Japan?~

*~Angel Of Saturn~*

Prologue|| Ch. 1
~When dreams are more than just dreams...~

Picture Perfect
~heheh, looks like a lot others think that Sakura and Syaoran make the perfect couple ^_^~


Sakura and Syaoran Eternally!~Updated
Prologue || Ch. 1
~Something dark and sinister has appeared...!~


Unexpected Sympathy [SHOUNEN AI]
~Can two broken hearts find new love?~


S&S's power and love [SHOUNEN AI]
~Ahh... the power of love *warm fuzzy feelings* ^_^~

Hidden Within the Heart
Prelude || Ch. 1|| Ch. 2 || Ch. 3
~Sakura is about to enter High School, and over the years, many things in her life have changed... Sad and a bit dark...~


Frame: Pieces of her soul
~A lovely fic about Tomoyo's thoughts. And really well done!! ^_^~


Part 1: Love At Long Last of Many Sights?
Part 2: Jealousy
Part 3: Untitled
Part 4: The Worried and the Sick
Part 5: Busted
Part 6: The Truth is Out There

~It's been years after the capture of CLOW CARDS and still Sakura-tachi aren't free from troubles!~


One From Five
Ch. 1|| Ch. 2|| Ch. 3
~What happens when Syaoran's family stop by and visit? ^_^~

Until the day We Meet Each Other Again~NEW~
~What happened after Syaoran had left for Hong Kong? Very sweet fic. ^___^~


Confessions of the Heart
~Syaoran and Mei-ling?!!!~


Ch. 1: Sakura's Confusion
Ch. 2: Sakura's Brother
Ch. 3: Sakura's New Love?
Ch. 4: Sakura's Worry
Ch. 5: Sakura's Fright
Ch. 6: Sakura's New Classmate
Ch. 7: Sakura's Perturbed Night
Ch. 8: Sakura's New Trouble
Ch. 9: Sakura's Blame

Ch. 10:Sakura's Dream
Ch. 11:Sakura's Dream part 2
~Sakura, Tomoyo, Syaoran... what do they all have in common? Love problems!! :)~

Mei-ling Dark Fic
~Mei-ling has done something bad... do you want to find out what?~

Dark Fic
Part 1 || Part 2
~People close to Sakura are getting murdered... but who and why???~

Fic for New Years
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5
~It's new years, and Sakura tachi are off to a Ski trip!! But then.... ????~


~ Sakura's feeling lonely, but...~

*~Piggy Ho Ho~*

Card Captor Sakura: The Legend of Ometin
|| Ch. 1 || Ch. 2 || Ch. 3 || Ch. 4 || Ch. 5 || Ch. 6 || Ch. 7
~Sakura and Syaoran get sent to another world??! What awaits them there??~


Cherry Blossoms~NEW~
~ ever wondered what happened after Syaoran and Sakura's reunion? ^_^~

*~Syaoran no Miko~*

The Finding
||Ch. 1 || Ch. 2 || Ch. 3 || Ch. 4 ||
~ Sakura and Syaoran are 17 and yet...~

Love Reflection
~ It's a rainy night and someone comes knocking on Syaoran's door...~

Ame no Yoru
~ a fic written in honour of Syoaran's B-day!~